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Updated: as of July 31, 2018


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ILOCOS REGION If there’s one thing you should remember when heading to the Ilocos Region, it’s the food, the delectable and delightful delicacies that no hungry tongue should dare to refuse. But there’s absolutely more to this charming region in the north than its savory offerings. Walk along the cobbled streets of Vigan and see remnants of the past. Stand in awe of a UNESCO World Heritage Site that dates back to centuries of old. And don’t forget to pique the curiosity of your adventurous spirit by boarding down fine sand dunes. Open your heart, mind, and appetite to this historical, quaint, and undeniably beautiful region.
CAR REGION (BANAUE AND SAGADA) Picture this: a vastness of sprawling green embellishing the mountains, perfectly carved like a stairway reaching the heavens, created by unyielding hands thousands of years ago. Indeed, the Banaue Rice Terraces is a sight to behold; a colossal landmark that deserves to be called one of the world’s wonders. But, it’s not just the only treasure in the Ifugao Region. There’s also the quite, bucolic town of Bontoc, home to rice paddies and a remarkable museum that preserves the Cordilleran Heritage. And Sagada, where waterfalls, caves, and backcountry vibes become the purveyors of the ultimate, natural high. Spelunk, trek, climb, discover, and sleep the weariness off under a star-studded sky with the comfort of chilly winds. Ahhh, the Ifugao Region is bliss.
BICOL REGION Discovering ruins, dipping in hot springs, and wandering through a limestone labyrinth? Oh yes, these ultimate traveler fantasies come to life when visiting Bicol. Indeed, a trip to this majestic region in Southern Luzon will take you to natural landscapes and historical attractions. But there’s more to this journey than endless beauty; indulge in a gastronomical feast, witness locals bring traditions back to life, find a distinctive culture that molds extraordinary memories, and discover the beautiful behemoths of the deep as you dive into turquoise waters under a glorious sun. And for every brave soul that dares to go full throttle while cruising through a terrain set against the dramatic backdrop of the Mayon Volcano, the perfect snapshot awaits.
WESTERN VISAYAS (ILOILO AND BACOLOD) Western Visayas: speak of it and some of the best dishes of the Philippines come to mind. The famous batchoy, a hearty soup made with chicken stock, noodles, and pork innards, is a must-try when in Iloilo. And when you head to Bacolod in Negros Occidental, it’s always fulfilling to try the famous chicken inasal and the flatbread filled with muscovado sugar known as piaya. But the charm of this region extends beyond its delicacies. Unravel history as you step inside neo-gothic churches and ancestral structures such as The Ruins and the Miag-ao Church. And as you discover more of the wonders of this region, don’t forget to treasure the stories of its rich heritage that has withstood the test of time.
PUERTO PRINCESA AND EL NIDO, PALAWAN Define paradise and azure waters resting on white powder sands amid limestone cliffs come to mind. And this paradise is within reach when you travel to El Nido in Palawan, a sanctuary where nature dwells and calmness reigns. Secret lagoons and hidden beaches paint this island’s landscape. Magical spots with the most picture-perfect backdrops are nestled in its coves. And glorious sunsets envelope the tranquil skies above the 45 islands and islets that dot this major tourist destination. But if you want more than a tranquil beachside sojourn, heading to the capital, Puerto Princesa, will take you to one of the most enchanting places on earth: the world-famous Underground River, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that abounds with endemic flora and fauna. And to cap off the day, see the marvels of nature at work before your eyes as fireflies grace the Ihawig River for an experience you’ll never forget.
CORON, PALAWAN This is exactly what your doctor recommends: a heavy dose of Vitamin SEA. Coron is a spellbinding destination in Palawan, best known as the best island in the world, according to Conde Nast Traveller. Take in the beauty of Coron when you conquer Mt. Tapyas’ 724 steps, and be rewarded with a fantastic soak in Maquinit Springs afterwards. Keep your sunscreen close as you’ll need it when island hopping around the many, many islands and beaches of Coron, including a visit to Asia’s cleanest lake, Kayangan. Bring home lots of cashew nuts, loads of photos, happy memories and the most gorgeous tan ever!
Be enthralled by the charms of Central Visayas! The quaint university town of Dumaguete and the waters of Apo Island hold treasures both manmade and natural. Siquijor, home to Philippine mysticism, will share its magic and wonders with you in this module. Cap off your amazing journey by experiencing Cebu, the Philippines’ Queen City of the South and its famed lechon, dubbed by Anthony Bourdain as “the best pig ever”!
DAVAO Mindanao may seem elusive to the outside world, but it surely is the Philippines’ most fascinating destination. Start your journey in Davao City, home to the majestic Philippine Eagle, the award winning Malagos Chocolate, and of course, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Despite the urban developments, this metropolis has myriad surprises for the curious explorer. Right in the city center is People’s Park, an inviting retreat in the middle of an urbane atmosphere that’s home to more than a thousand indigenous and non-indigenous species. A countryside tour of Davao will also bring you to Eden Nature Park and Resort, where relaxation meets endless natural beauty, and the Philippine Eagle Center, where you’ll get a glimpse of the endangered Philippine Eagle and learn more about its conservation. And if you want sea and sand, Samal Island is just a boat ride away for an adventure underwater with giant clams or an unforgettable respite by its stunning shores.
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