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Participation Guidelines
  • Participation as a SELLER delegate in PHITEX is only qualified to DOT accredited suppliers of Philippine tourism products and services. Participation is on a pre-registration basis.
  • Each SELLER organization is allowed to register a maximum of 2 delegates.
  • Qualified sellers’ position/designation should not be lower than Assistant Director or its equivalent.
  • Corporate SELLER registration is not allowed. A Corporate SELLER is applicable to any of the following types of organizations:
    1. Chain organizations with multiple properties and/or branches in two or more regions in the Philippines.
    2. Holding companies with two or more properties/services under the same names located in two or more regions in the Philippines.
    3. Managing companies overseeing the operations of two or more properties/services located in two or more regions in the Philippines.
  • A SELLER cannot sell properties that are not yet DOT accredited and are not yet in operation.
  • Confirmation of SELLER Registration is subject to submission of the following:
    1. Duly accomplished SELLER Online Registration form
    2. Duly accomplished SELLER Online Questionnaire form
    3. Full payment of registration fees:
Travel Agencies / Tour Operators Hoteliers
1st Seller Delegate Php10,000.00 PhP 12,000.00
2nd Seller Delegate Php8,000.00 PhP 10,000.00


  • Each SELLER/BUYER will be issued a badge. Admission to the PHITEX area will be restricted to registered Buyers, Sellers, Media and duly designated Organizing Committee Officials.
  • The PHITEX Secretariat reserves the right to disqualify the registration or disallow admission in the PHITEX Area of any SELLER/BUYER reported to have violated any of the above guidelines.

  1. PHITEX 2020 Secretariat must be notified in writing (fax or email) of any cancellations or delegate substitutions.
  2. Cancellations for Seller delegates postmarked on or before 01 June 2020 shall be granted a refund of 25% of participation fee.
  3. No refund shall be made for cancellations postmarked after 01 June 2020 for SELLER Delegates.
  4. A cancellation acknowledgment will be sent within five (5) working days and participation fees will be refunded after the event.
  5. Substitution of delegates is not allowed.
  6. Lost badge will be replaced after payment of an administrative fee of P500.00


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