Participation Guidelines

a. Seller Qualification

  • Participation as a SELLER delegate in PHITEX is only open to DOT-accredited suppliers of Philippine tourism products and services and TPB members. Participation is on a pre-registration and first come, first served basis.
  • Each SELLER organization is allowed to register one (1) delegate. Qualified seller’s position/designation should not be lower than a Middle Manager or its equivalent position. (Should the seller company have more than one (1) DOT-Accredited property under their corporation, then each property should register separately.)
  • A SELLER cannot sell properties that are not yet DOT-accredited and are not yet in operation.
  • Confirmation of SELLER Registration is subject to the following:
    • Duly accomplished SELLER Online Registration form
    • Submission of a copy of the DOT-Accreditation Certification. For expired Certifications, kindly furnish a copy of the DOT’s acknowledgement reply on your application for renewal.

b. Seller Entitlements

  • Access to PHITEX Virtual Platform, which includes pre-scheduled appointments, networking, webinars, and workshops
  • Participation in post-tours (limited slots available for the first approved Philippine sellers only)
  • Amenities or privileges extended for one delegate (e.g., accommodation, meals, tours and transportation on specified routes)
  • Seller delegates kit
  • A special token of appreciation upon submission of the accomplished post event evaluation form

a. Buyer Qualification

  • Selling Asia but not the Philippines
  • Not selling the Philippines but would like to expand and include the Philippines in the programs
  • Already selling the Philippines and still want to enrich their tour programs
  • Those who would like to renew their businesses with their Philippine counterparts
  • Potential buyers for Incentive Travel Program
  • Qualified buyer’s position/designation should not be lower than a Manager/Assistant Director or its equivalent. Substitution for a registered buyer may be allowed subject to TPB conditions.
  • Buyers who had participated in past PHITEX events but did not produce any bookings and were unprofessional (i.e., incomplete B2B, misbehavior in official activities, etc.) will not be invited and considered.

b. Buyer Entitlements

  • Access to PHITEX Virtual Platform which includes pre-scheduled appointments, networking, educational seminars, webinars and workshops
  • Provision of interpreter services
  • Token (handicrafts from the local community of the region)

  1. To be part of the Philippine Travel Exchange (PHITEX) Virtual Edition, you may visit and register as Buyer or Seller.
  2. Registration is free for both buyers and sellers.
  3. You will receive an email regarding the status of your registration.
  4. The program of activities will be accessible on the website and will be updated from time to time. Kindly refer to the PHITEX 2021 Program Schedule for more details.
  5. Three weeks from the event proper, both buyers and sellers will receive an email requesting to select their meeting appointments via the virtual platform.
  6. Matching of appointments will be done the week after selection and shall be posted on your Schedule Tab once generated by the system. The buyers and sellers have five days to choose their preferred meetings. The system will match the meetings based on:
    a. Buyer preference (Day 1)
    b. Seller preference (Day 2)
  7. In the last week of August, delegates must upload additional requirements to the Virtual Platform including but not limited to profile photo, contact details, company logo and profile, and social media accounts. Sellers are likewise highly encouraged to submit photos of their properties/products and YouTube links of company videos. A bulletin on the guidelines for the submission of materials for the virtual platform will be sent via email.
  8. B2B Meetings will be scheduled from 0930H to 1800H Philippine time.
  9. Fifteen (15) scheduled meetings will be held daily. Schedule of activities can also be found on the platform.
  10. The B2B pre-arranged meetings are scheduled for twenty (20) minutes each. Participants will be notified three (3) minutes before the end of the meeting to wrap up the discussion.
  11. Should you still have an open schedule, you may opt to directly message your desired buyer/seller to set an appointment via the chat features of the platform. If the meeting request is approved, the icon color will turn green. An orange icon, on the other hand, means the request is still pending. And for the duration of the PHITEX, the “Lounge” link will be open for meetings on-site or networking with no prior or current appointments. You may network with other buyer and seller delegates using this feature. The time allotted for each meeting is fifteen (15) minutes.

1. Buyers should not sell any tourism products to any registered Seller or any Philippine party for the duration of the event.
2. Similarly, registered Sellers are not allowed to buy any tourism products from an invited Buyer.
3. Sellers should not sell, promote or display a non DOT-accredited sister property or branch in the Philippines or a sister property or branch located outside the
4. All Buyer and Seller appointments are pre-arranged. Buyers and Sellers are not allowed to refuse any appointment request for as long as their appointment
schedules have open slots.
5. Buyers should report Sellers who did not show up during a session and similarly Sellers should report Buyers who did not meet their requirements.
6. You may contact the Support Team for any no-show appointments.



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