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Participation of Buyers is by invitation only.

Philippine Travel Exchange (PHITEX) 2023 is open to Buyers who:

  1. Are selling Asia but not the Philippines;
  2. Are not selling the Philippines, but would like to expand and include the Philippines in their programs;
  3. Are already selling the Philippines, and still want to enhance their tour programs;
  4. Would like to renew their businesses with their Philippine counterparts; and
  5. Are potential buyers for the Incentive Travel Program.
  6. Qualified buyers’ position/designation should be equivalent to a Manager/Assistant Director, or higher. Substitutions for a registered buyer may be allowed until 11 August 2023 only.
  7. Priority is given to first-time Buyers and Buyers who have physically participated in PHITEX only once in the last four (4) years.


    1. Participation in PHITEX is open to qualified Buyers. Buyers are pre-qualified to ensure they meet the selection criteria.
    2. Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis subject to the guidelines set by the Buyers Screening Committee.
    3. Registration is free for Buyers. Kindly accomplish the online pre-registration form through this link: (link)
    4. Confirmed participants will receive an email from the PHITEX 2023 Buyers’ Committee.
    5. Participation to the PHITEX 2023 is exclusive only for approved hosted Buyers. Accompanying persons are not allowed.
    6. Buyers will have the first opportunity to select their preferred Sellers, after which Sellers will choose their preferred Buyers.
    7. Buyers will have 44 official appointments for the two-day business sessions, 20 pre-arranged meetings per day and additional four (4) appointments for scheduling on the second day.
    8. Speed Networking will be conducted in the afternoon of Day 1 during the last hour and 15 minutes for Day 2’s additional four (4) appointments.
    9. The B2B pre-arranged meetings are set at fifteen (15) minutes each. Participants will be notified three (3) minutes before the end of the meeting to wrap up the discussion and proceed to the next meeting.
    10. The Speed Networking will be set at seven (7) minutes each. Participants will be notified two (2) minutes before the end of the meeting to wrap up the discussion and proceed to the next meeting.
    11. The program of activities will be accessible on the PHITEX website which will be updated regularly. Kindly refer to the PHITEX 2023 Program Schedule for more details.
    12. Bulletins will be sent via email from time to time to keep the participants updated on event details.
    13. Non-submission of post-event evaluation forms will be a basis for non- reimbursement of air tickets.




    • Travel agencies/tour operators
    • Accommodations
    • MICE operators
    • Health and wellness
    • Adventure sports providers
    • Travel trade associations
    • Tourist Transportation
    • Others (i.e. theme parks, attractions, museums)

      1. Participation Fees:


    PRINCIPAL DELEGATE Php 10,000.00
    CO-DELEGATE Php   5,000.00


    The registration fee for each delegate must be paid upon confirmation of participation by the PHITEX 2023 Sellers Committee on or before 31 July 2023.


    Payment can be made through any of the following options:


    1. TPB Cash Office: 4th Floor Legaspi Towers 300, Roxas Boulevard, Metro Manila
    2. Deposit directly to Land Bank of the Philippines with the following details:
    • Account Name: Tourism Promotions Board
    • Account Number:  Philippine Peso Account No. 1772-1034-13
    • Address: Century Park Hotel (Harrison Plaza) Branch G/F Century    Park Tower, P. Ocampo cor. Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila
    1. A copy of the proof of payment should be emailed to the Sellers Committee at  [email protected].



    1. Cancellation Policy:

      a. TPB reserves the right to withhold 50% of the Participation Fee if cancellation is made on or before 11 August 2023.
      b. Cancellation made beyond 11 August 2023 gives TPB the right to withhold 100% payment of the participation fee and will be considered as no show which will affect future participation in TPB events.


A. Sellers’ delegate kit which includes:

  1. Access Badge for the event per seller delegate;
  2. Digital Directory of International Buyers and Philippine Sellers; and
  3. Business Appointment Schedule.

B. Attendance to official functions (PEP Talk, Welcome Dinner and Networking Cocktails)

C. Other marketing efforts that will provide the private sector participants optimal advantage and benefit.

D. Preferential rates extended by Cebu-based accommodation partners.

Note: Travel Expenses (such as but not limited to airfare, land transfers and accommodation) are not included in the participation fees. These shall be on pax accounts.

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