Business (Travel Exchange)
  • A briefing will be conducted at the Marriott Hotel Manila. All BUYERS and SELLERS are required to attend this session.
  • A Directory of BUYERS/SELLERS will be available online as reference/guide in making a shortlist for their appointments. The Directory will contain the profile of each participant detailing his/her main area of interests, services offered and services required based on the information provided in the Questionnaire.
  • All BUYER and SELLER appointments are pre-set.  BUYERS and SELLERS are NOT allowed to refuse any appointment request for as long as their Appointment Schedules have open slots.
  • A maximum of 40 appointments per SELLER/BUYER is possible within the one-day schedule. Each business appointment will run a maximum of 15 minutes.  Three-minute intervals are provided within the timeframe to facilitate transfer to the next session.

  • Cancellations and/or substitutions of appointments are not allowed without prior approval of all parties involved in the appointment. Prior notice must be given to the TRAVEX Secretariat before any cancellation and/or substitution can be confirmed. Failure to give prior notice to the TRAVEX Secretariat may result in the listing of the concerned participants as “no-shows”.
  • No one may interrupt an on-going appointment.
  • A SELLER of a competitive organization and/or a member of the Press or the Secretariat are not allowed to sit-in during an appointment.
  • Press interviews are permitted as long as it is allowed by the interviewee;  it does not and will not disturb an appointment, and it does not distract other sessions.
  • All BUYERS and SELLERS must wear their specially-issued badges at all times to gain access to TRAVEX area.
  • PHITEX Secretariat will not allow the distribution of giveaways by third parties during an on-going BUYER/SELLER appointment.
  • Promotional gimmicks (raffles, picture-taking, giveaways, musical entertainment) that might disturb appointments will not be allowed in the TRAVEX area.
  • The use of animators and video monitors is prohibited in the TRAVEX area.
  • BUYERS may not sell any tourism products/services to SELLERS during PHITEX and the entire duration of his/her visit to the Philippines. The PHITEX Secretariat enjoins registered SELLERS to report any violation of this guideline.
  • Similarly, registered Philippine SELLERS are not allowed to buy any tourism product/services from any invited BUYER for the period of PHITEX. BUYERS are requested to report any violation of this guideline to the PHITEX Secretariat.
  • SELLERS may not sell, promote or display a sister property or branch located outside the Philippines. The PHITEX Secretariat appeals to registered SELLERS and BUYERS to report any violation of this nature.
  • The PHITEX Secretariat reserves the right to disallow the continued participation of any BUYER or SELLER who violates any of the above guidelines. Similarly, any or all privileges and amenities accorded to said BUYER or SELLER may be withdrawn.

  1. PHITEX 2018 Secretariat must be notified in writing (fax or email) of any cancellations or delegate substitutions.
  2. Cancellations for Seller delegates postmarked on or before August 15, 2018 shall be granted a refund of 50% of participation fee.
  3. No refund shall be made for cancellations postmarked after August 17, 2018 for SELLER Delegates.
  4. An administrative fee of P500.00 shall be charged for every substitution made on a SELLER Organization’s Full Delegate or Co-Delegate postmarked after August 17, 2018.
  5. Lost badge will be replaced after payment of an administrative fee of P500.00

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