Dear Prospective Buyer:

Welcome to the 19th Philippine Travel Exchange (PHITEX 2020)!

Kindly proceed with your registration as a Buyer delegate to PHITEX 2020. Your application will be assessed by the Buyers’ Screening Committee at the soonest opportunity. Once confirmed, the committee will be in touch to provide you with the necessary information for the productive visit.

Thank you for the interest and we look forward to welcoming you.


PHITEX 2020 Secretariat

Dear Buyer:

Thank you for your interest in PHITEX 2020!

We strongly advise you to provide your complete information data by filling up the online registration form and questionnaire to facilitate pre-screening evaluation.

Getting Started:

Create your own personal username and password before filling up the PHITEX Registration Form.

It is important that you do not forget your personal username and password for you to be able to access your PHITEX 2020 account.

If you wish to update/change your registered delegate and company profile, please e-mail the PHITEX 2020 Secretariat accordingly.

You will be notified through e-mail whether or not your application has been accepted based on the criteria set.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Reminder: If the required field is not applicable to you, you can enter “n/a”.

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