The Philippine Travel Exchange (PHITEX) is the biggest government-organized travel trade event in the country.

This year, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic may have caused significant challenges for the tourism industry but this only opened an opportunity to harness the digital platform. For the first time, TPB will be hosting the PHITEX 2021 Virtual Edition. This online travel trade show allows tourism stakeholders from all over the world to explore new opportunities and markets as well as update global buyers with the latest Philippine tourism offerings in one virtual e-conference environment.

PHITEX 2021 will be held on 19-23 September 2021 in Subic Bay Freeport Zone.
The partnership of TPB with the Province of Zambales aims to showcase the travel and tour protocols implemented in the province through LGU and private sector partnership and collaboration. This will create a benchmark in raising the standard of service being offered by destinations post-COVID in response to the country’s health and safety protocols. In return, the event will help jumpstart the province’s tourism industry and thereby improve the economy of Zambales, bringing back livelihood and economic movement.
No, buyers will join PHITEX 2021 from their respective countries. B2B meetings will be done virtually.
Yes, the participation in PHITEX 2021 is free-of-charge.

PHITEX 2021 Virtual Edition is open to DOT-accredited suppliers of Philippine tourism products and services and TPB members from the following sectors:

  • Airlines
  • Destination Management Companies
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Incentive Tour Operators and Suppliers
  • Travel Agencies/Tour Operators

Participation is on a first-come, first-served Pre-registration basis.

Accommodation Establishments are also required to submit a copy of the Certificate of Authority to Operate (CAO) or proof of application. Tour Operators whose DOT Accreditation has expired on 30 June 2021 are required to submit Provisional DOT Accreditation or a copy of the DOT’s acknowledgement reply on their application for renewal
    Below are the Seller Entitlements:
  1. Access to PHITEX Virtual Platform which includes pre-scheduled appointments, speed networking, webinars and workshops.
  2. Participation in Post-tours from September 25-27, 2021 for one delegate per company.
  3. Amenities or privileges extended for one delegate (e.g. economy airline tickets, accommodation, meals, tours and transportation on specified routes)
  4. Seller delegates kit

Each seller company can register up to 3 delegates. But unlike in the previous PHITEX editions, there will be only 1 set of pre-arranged meetings per Seller company in this year’s Virtual Edition. The 3 delegates can take turns in attending to their pre-arranged meetings. While 1 delegate is attending the pre-arranged meetings, the other 2 delegates may secure appointments with buyers or meet with them via speed networking and check other features of the virtual platform (i.e. roundtable discussions, webinars, etc)
A maximum of sixteen (16) meetings per day is scheduled for short haul and fourteen (14) meetings for long haul markets will be held daily. There will only be one (1) set of appointments per Seller company. Schedule of activities can also be found on the platform.
B2B Meetings with Short Haul Markets from Asia and the Pacific, North Asia, and India will be scheduled from 0930H to 1600H Manila time, while meetings with Long Haul Markets from the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Americas will be from 1600H to 2200H Manila time on 23-24 September 2021.
The B2B meetings are scheduled for fifteen (15) minutes each. Participants will be notified three (3) minutes before the end of each meeting to wrap up the discussion.
Should the Seller still have an open schedule, they may opt to directly message their desired buyer/seller to set an appointment via the chat features of the platform. If the meeting request is approved, the icon will be in color green and if pending, the color orange will appear. During the B2B appointment schedule, a “Lounge” will be kept open for speed networking with no prior or current appointments. Seller may socialize with other buyer and seller delegates using this feature. The time allotted for each meeting is only fifteen (15) minutes.

Here are the key features of the virtual platform:

1. Travel Exchange (TRAVEX)

Travel Exchange (TRAVEX), an exclusive business-to-business appointment meeting between Philippine sellers and foreign buyers, is now happening virtually. This online market space is customized to feature each companies’ travel and tourism product/service through high definition videos, digital product collaterals and one-on-one chat rooms for a more focused and effective networking with prospective buyers.

2. Webinars

The Webinar Series will be featuring topics of great relevance in today’s world hit by a global pandemic. Tourism industry experts will share their insights to provide support and guidance on topics such as effective marketing strategies during crises, embracing the power of technology, green destinations, and principles in developing sustainable community-based tourism.

3. Interviews

This year’s virtual PHITEX 2021 brings together local and international key tourism stakeholders who steer the path for transformation in the tourism industry. These interview sessions will put at the forefront recovery strategies, ensure tourism business continuity in the new normal and place emphasis on the need for greater impact and strength in collaboration.

4. Roundtable Discussion

PHITEX pulled together some of the industry’s leading players for a virtual roundtable discussion focused on the issues posed by the pandemic and how stakeholders can embrace resilience and innovation. Engage in an interactive dialogue through sharing knowledge and raising your questions on topics that really matter in tourism today.

5. Philippines 360

How well do you know the Philippines? Play the game and win some prizes as we bring fun to the table with trivias and online games on the Philippine culture and arts, heritage and tradition, gastronomy as well as quizzes on topics discussed during the webinars, speeches and talks during the event.

6. Videos on Demand

Replay key moments long after the event through Videos-on-Demand which covers various content such as tourism marketing videos, snippets of past TPB events, links to film tourism with English subtitles, cooking demos, familiarization trip videos and more.

7. Virtual Tours

Manila, known as the Pearl of the Orient, has the oldest university in Asia, the world’s oldest Chinatown, and the historic Walled City of Intramuros. Amid the signs of rapid urbanization, how does the Philippines’ Capital of Fun blend with modern culture now? Explore the rich and unique history of the new and old Manila through specially curated virtual tours.

Delegates must submit additional requirements to the Organizing Committee starting on the last week of August 2021 including but not limited to profile photo, contact details, company logo and profile as well as social media accounts. Sellers are likewise highly encouraged to submit photos of their properties/products and Youtube links of company videos. A bulletin on the guidelines for the submission of materials for the virtual platform will be sent via email.
Each Seller company, especially those who have offices in Manila, are encouraged to send 1 representative to join PHITEX 2021 in Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Deadline of confirmation to join Zambales is on 04 September 2021.
Yes, you may still join PHITEX 2021 virtually at the comfort of your home/office.
Only one (1) representative per Seller company is allowed to join the trip to Zambales.

TPB will shoulder all the Zambales ground arrangements for the Seller delegates who will be joining the trip (accommodation, meals, on-ground transportation, RT-PCR swab test, post-tour, and insurance.

TPB will also provide a chartered flight from Manila to Zambales and vice versa.

For delegates located outside Manila or Zambales, the transportation going to Zambales will be at the expense of your company. Once in Zambales, all arrangements will be shouldered by TPB (accommodation, meals, on-ground transportation, RT-PCR swab test, post-tour, and other expenses in Zambales).
We highly encourage you to bring laptop for the B2B sessions instead of using tablets and other mobile devices.
Yes. There will be a quarantine period of five (5) days upon arrival in Zambales. The quarantine will be in the accommodation venue of PHITEX 2021.
No, Seller delegates will be requested to stay in their respective rooms during the B2B sessions as the TRAVEX dates still fall under the mandatory 5-day quarantine.
None. Although a medical certificate is required indicating the delegate has no CoVid symptoms. Failure to secure the requirement will result to denied boarding.
TPB will shoulder the cost of the RT-PCR swab testing for the delegates going to Zambales.
The target date for the RT-PCR swab testing is on 24 September 2021.
The RT-PCR swab testing will be conducted in the accommodation venue of PHITEX 2021.
The Post Tour will be on 25-27 September 2021.
Each seller delegate will be staying in Zambales for 10 days. This includes the quarantine upon arrival and the post-tour. The estimated travel period will be from 19 to 28 September 2021.
Since all delegates will be flying to Zambales via a chartered flight, everyone is expected to stay in Zambales for approximately 10 days. The delegate will shoulder all expenses following any changes in the return flight to Manila/origin destination.
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